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Explorer-anthropologist and Rolex Laureate Johan Reinhard, renowned worldwide for his 1995 discovery of an Inca sacrificial mummy, called the “Ice Maiden” high in the Andes, has been honoured with the Sir Edmund Hillary Mountain Legacy Medal, which recognizes remarkable service in the conservation of culture and nature in mountainous regions. The medal was presented on… Read more

A scientific breakthrough has made saving the snow leopard – one of the world’s most rare, endangered and beautiful predators – both more complex and more feasible. For almost two decades Pakistani conservationist Shafqat Hussain has worked with the shepherds and villagers of remote Baltistan, high in the Karakorum Mountains, to dissuade them from killing… Read more

Adli Qudsi, who was renowned for his conservation work in Aleppo, Syria, before the war, died in a traffic accident in Mersin, Turkey, on 21 January. Qudsi, whose restoration of the Old City of Aleppo was rewarded with his selection as an Associate Laureate in 1998, began his reconstruction work in 1978. He described the… Read more

Tributes from heads of state, philanthropists and academics have abounded in social media and newspapers in recent days following the death one of Africa’s greatest innovators and thinkers, Calestous Juma, who died in Boston, Massachusetts, at the age of 64 on 15 December, after a long illness. New African magazine hailed Juma, a former jury… Read more

By shedding light on the little known marvels of Patagonia’s fjords, marine explorer Vreni Häussermann is revealing crucial scientific data that will establish a case for setting up Marine Protected Areas. The remote, starkly beautiful glacial fjords of Patagonia, in southernmost South America, are emerging as a symbol of the struggle to save the natural… Read more