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The long road to silk revival

May 18, 2016

Almost 30 years ago Japanese silk-weaver Kikuo Morimoto dreamt of reviving Cambodia’s ancient silk-making culture, which was in danger of being lost forever. It has taken decades of hard work, but the Rolex Laureate has succeeded in building an environmentally sustainable cottage industry dedicated to the ancient art. His Rolex Award in 2004 was the… Read more

A touchscreen computer device that connects remote rural patients with city-based cardiac specialists is now on sale. It has the potential to improve the health of tens of thousands of Africans. Arthur Zang’s dream of bringing state-of-the-art cardiac medicine to remote regions of Cameroon is fast becoming a reality. The Cardio Pad, the revolutionary electronic… Read more

American archaeologist and anthropologist Anabel Ford has spent four decades studying the Maya civilization, principally at El Pilar, the ancient city she discovered on the border of today’s Belize and Guatemala. She also carries out research on Maya culture, which she describes as “one of the world’s greatest civilizations”, at the University of California, Santa… Read more

In the 1980s, young Dutch academic George van Driem began travelling to the Himalayas to compile a grammar book of one of the local languages. Over 30 years, his linguistics project has grown to embrace genetics, archaeology and other disciplines, to study the linguistic, genetic and migratory history of one of the most complex regions… Read more

Mexico’s famous saviour of bats, Rolex Award-winner Rodrigo A. Medellín, has formed an alliance with the US-based Tequila Interchange Project, which represents tequila enthusiasts, bartenders and researchers, in a joint effort to protect bats, tequila and agave plants. As head of the Program for the Conservation of Bats of Mexico, Medellín has played a key… Read more