After a year

September 23, 2015

Since becoming Young Laureates in 2014 – Francesco Sauro, Neeti Kailas, Arthur Zang, Olivier Nsengimana and Hosam Zowawi – have forged ahead. In audio interviews, Catherine Nelson-Pollard asked them to describe how they have made the best of opportunities created by winning a Rolex Award. Read more

The biggest fish in the ocean, the rare Whale Shark, is racing towards a safer, brighter future with hundreds of Western Australian schoolchildren as backers and two Rolex Laureates as the organizers. By Julian Cribb In a strikingly imaginative citizen science project, Rolex Laureates Brad Norman and Rory Wilson – via Norman’s conservation group ECOCEAN… Read more

Whether being applauded for her humanitarianism by the Italian edition of Vanity Fair, or providing online learning to youth in 130 countries free of charge, Selene Biffi is more than meeting the high expectations she set for herself when she launched her first start-up at the age of 22. “The minute I discovered social entrepreneurship,… Read more

Maritza Morales Casanova, a 2012 Young Laureate and environmentalist from the state of Yucatán, Mexico, is determined to raise awareness among young people, principally through developing Ceiba Pentandra, a major park dedicated to environmental education. When she was invited to participate in May 2015 Hawaii Volcanoes National Park BioBlitz and Biodiversity and Cultural Festival (held… Read more


Saving seahorses with smartphones

July 17, 2015

Canadian marine biologist Amanda Vincent is attempting to revolutionize marine conservation by involving the public worldwide. “The single biggest problem in the campaign to save marine species and habitats is the lack of public commitment to action,” says Professor Vincent, who won a Rolex Award in 1998. “Until the public really cares, we have no… Read more