Laurent Pordié

Vital role for ancient medicine

December 20, 2012

High in the Himalayas, and nestled between Tibet to the east and Kashmir to the west, lies the region of Ladakh, home to the ancient Amchi system of Tibetan medicine. In the late 1990s, this branch of traditional medicine, which had for many centuries healed Ladakhis with local herbs, was at risk of vanishing in… Read more

Chanda Shroff

Beauty among the rigors of Kutch

December 20, 2012

Over 40 years ago, an Indian woman on a famine relief mission in an isolated part of her country was inspired by the intricate beauty and rich colours of the handcraft of local women. “these women, who lived under the stars and roamed the deserts, countered the harshness of their lives with vibrantly colourful embroidery,”… Read more

Shekar Dattatri

Defending India’s last wild places

December 20, 2012

At the age of 10, when most children are playing with toys, Shekar Dattatri spent hours watching ants, squirrels and birds in his neighbourhood in the city of Chennai in south India. Naturalist and writer Gerald Durrell’s unique insight into the animal kingdom and the engaging humour with which he described his adventures hugely influenced… Read more


Keeper of ancient rites

December 20, 2012

At 25, Moji Riba barely knew Galo, his mother tongue. “When I started out as a film-maker, I was more comfortable speaking a mix of Hindi and English than my own language, like so many young people in my state. Then, I realized that not knowing my language meant not knowing who I was,” says… Read more

Touching upon a vision

December 20, 2012

Sumit Dagar is a 29-year-old, Indian visionary whose technological skills, inventiveness and passion for design have prepared him for a place among today’s young, hi-tech entrepreneurs. But there is one difference: he wants to put people’s lives before profit. Over the past decade, Dagar has made his name as an “interaction designer”, designing devices and… Read more