New life for Chennai lake

December 20, 2012

Why does a bright, young Indian give up a very promising career with Google for life as an environmentalist? The answer is compelling: fear of being too comfortable. “Quitting Google in 2010 was a tough decision,” says Arun Krishnamurthy. “They were wonderful employers. But I felt I was slipping into a comfort zone. A full-time… Read more

Ilse Köhler-Rollefson

Champion of a camel culture

December 20, 2012

In 1990, Ilse Köhler-Rollefson went to Rajasthan in north-west India to research camel pastoralism and was shocked at what she found. The Raika – the region’s legendary camel breeders – were losing their traditional livelihood, cultural identity and livestock to motorized transport, disease and loss of grazing rights, and were voiceless in the government policy… Read more

Flying enthusiasts who pick up Simply Fly, the 2010 autobiography of captain Gorur Gopinath, former army officer and founder of India’s first budget airline, Deccan Air, might learn far more about rural farming than they were expecting. A significant chunk of the book is dedicated to the silkworm farm in Karnataka, south-west India, that captain… Read more


Saving lives on India’s roads

December 20, 2012

Even the briefest of journeys along its traffic-congested roads makes clear why India has the world’s highest number of road deaths. Drivers rarely wear seatbelts or respect road rules, and drink-driving is common. In a country with a shortage of ambulances and healthcare staff, getting injured in an accident can often be fatal. When Piyush… Read more

Hundreds of young Indian entrepreneurs and thinkers came from all over India on 26 November for a Rolex Leadership Forum held as part of events to celebrate the 2012 Laureates. The forum, co-hosted by business newspaper Mint, addressed the topic of what constitutes leadership. The young Indian leaders gathered at the New Delhi Municipal Council… Read more