In June, a team of film-makers from Denver, Colorado in the U.S., flew to Delhi to shoot a feature-length documentary on Piyush Tewari and the SaveLife Foundation. The film, The Golden Hour, follows Tewari and his team for three weeks as they work to reduce roadside fatalities in India. Indian writer/producer Roma Sur was inspired to make the film when she heard Piyush Tewari’s story on the radio. “The story struck a chord with me,” Sur says. “I could not believe that someone so young was doing something so incredible and selfless to make a difference in the community. To me, the story was about hope. It was about the fact that, in a society that worships larger-than-life Bollywood heroes, real-life heroes do exist.”

The SaveLife initiative holds special meaning to Sur because of its geography. “I had always known that my first feature documentary would be about a socially relevant issue related to my native country,” Sur says. “To me, this was that opportunity.”

The Golden Hour is currently in post-production. It is slated to be released worldwide in mid-2012. Learn more about the film at

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