A delicate balance in Baltistan

December 16, 2010

Shafqat Hussain, Pakistani economist and conservationist, earned a Rolex Award in 2006 for providing innovative solutions for the preservation of the elusive snow leopard. Since then, Project Snow Leopard has grown rapidly, encompassing 10 Himalayan villages rather than the initial two and covering a habitat of more than 6,000 square kilometres in Baltistan, northern Pakistan.… Read more

Two Laureates of the Rolex Awards will team up in a bid to devise a fast-track solution to help overcome one of the major drivers of global climate change. Their proposed collaboration has the potential to make the world far cleaner and healthier, while improving living standards for inhabitants of the poorest countries in Asia,… Read more


Rapid growth for youth training scheme

December 12, 2010

South Africa’s innovative Umzi Wethu Training Academy for Youth from impoverished communities, established by conservationist Andrew Muir, has expanded rapidly, far beyond the initial expectations of this 2008 Rolex Awards Laureate. Five years ago, when Muir conceived the idea to set up a multifaceted intervention programme to empower vulnerable youth, many of whom have lost their… Read more

Chanda Shroff

A guide for future generations

December 6, 2010

The dramatic and intricate embroidery of village women in an isolated region of India has been documented in a lavishly illustrated book that will serve as a guide for future generations of embroiderers. Under the Embroidered Sky: Embroidery of the Ahirs of Kutch, which was recently released with a set of three DVDs, illustrates in… Read more

American explorer and 2004 Laureate Lonnie Dupre will undertake one of the biggest challenges of his life at the end of December 2010 when he travels to Alaska to make the first solo winter ascent of Denali – also known as Mount McKinley – the highest mountain in North America. Dupre, who has undertaken several major expeditions… Read more