The City of Batu, East Java, Indonesia. 4 – 10 July 2010

Experience Sharing Among Teachers and Students of Various Countries to Prepare Young Generations for the life’s future and humanity: Biodiversity and Culture

24th Conference of the Caretakers of the Environment International

One third of the world’s populations are youngsters, teenagers and youth, and they need a voice to find and determine their own future. Their active role in environment protection and preservation and their involvement on decisions about the environment and development really determines the success of this earth’s long term plans.

We are all generally agreed the facts that the world’s global biodiversity and various cultures are in threat, while the local cultures that live for centuries, had shown the local wisdom of preserving, conserving and to use nature elements in sustainable ways by honouring their existence.

Realizing that Indonesia moreover is one of the main source of the world’s remaining biodiversity with also has diverse cultures, it would be a great opportunity for youngsters around the world and Indonesian ourselves to realize this fact. Unfortunately many problems occur, like deforestation, air pollution, lost of biodiversity. These factors become more serious years by years, consequently it is crucial to develop public awareness, particularly of young generation, on global biodiversity importance through all sectors.  If the young generation doesn’t realize this condition, hence we can’t imagine what would happened in our future life and our next generation

To prepare our next generation and help them to be prepared for the next future, education takes the main part. Young generation must be facilitated to take their formal education and take an active role in their community. We should working directly with young generation and their communities in devising, implementing and evaluating the common daily life styles, the habits so that they could determine whether the actions are destructing or maintaining. Many cultures contain local wisdom had shown the capability to see and maintain biodiversity

Our support, the communities themselves decide their priorities; is to take responsibility for the running of the activities and the drive to maintain them. We need to help them to step forward more confidently on their road to sustainable development. Build and strengthen their skills for leading their own development, independently for sustainable future.

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