Encouraging Canada’s Cosmopolitan Model

November 7, 2006

What’s in a name? In the case of Canadian lawyer and cultural historian Dora Nipp, an Associate Laureate of the 2004 Rolex Awards, quite a lot. As a child she was awarded a traditional Chinese given name – “Zong Bian” in its Anglicised spelling – meaning “keeper of the ancestral record”. Nipp is now widely… Read more


Wild Horses with Wings

March 15, 2006

Like the mythical steed Pegasus, Claudia Feh’s wild horses have winged their way across half a world to alight in the Mongolian pastures they vanished from a quarter of a century earlier. In one of the most remarkable reintroductions of a locally extinct species, the Rolex Laureate has now transported two consignments of Przewalski horses… Read more


Silk Road to a New Future

January 15, 2006

For the residents of the Cambodian town of Siem Reap and the nearby village of Chot Sam, the road out of poverty and past horrors is lined with silk. Here Rolex Laureate Kikuo Morimoto is working his quiet miracle, restoring the thousand-year-old Khmer silk tradition, along with the communities that support it and the forest… Read more