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Maritza Morales Casanova, a 2012 Young Laureate and environmentalist from the state of Yucatán, Mexico, is determined to raise awareness among young people, principally through developing Ceiba Pentandra, a major park dedicated to environmental education. When she was invited to participate in May 2015 Hawaii Volcanoes National Park BioBlitz and Biodiversity and Cultural Festival (held… Read more


Saving seahorses with smartphones

July 17, 2015

Canadian marine biologist Amanda Vincent is attempting to revolutionize marine conservation by involving the public worldwide. “The single biggest problem in the campaign to save marine species and habitats is the lack of public commitment to action,” says Professor Vincent, who won a Rolex Award in 1998. “Until the public really cares, we have no… Read more

Stephen Kress’s dedication to Atlantic puffins and his innovative techniques for re-establishing their colonies on Maine’s Muscongus Bay have inspired rescue projects for 48 other bird species in 14 countries around the world. A freezing fog cloaked Egg Rock, a speck of an island off the coast of Maine in the United States. Stephen Kress… Read more

The wattled crane is a magnificent bird. At over 172 cm, with its trailing plumage and two-metre wingspan, it is an impressive sight, both in the air and striding through its wetlands habitat. In Africa, cranes are more than iconic birds, their mere presence is a barometer for the overall health of the environment. As… Read more

Runa Khan’s long-held dream of a museum to preserve Bangladesh’s ancient boat-building skills for future generations will soon be realized. “We have just signed a contract with Bengal Foundation, the largest and most renowned cultural foundation in Bangladesh, which will, in particular, give the land for the museum,” says Khan – founder and executive director… Read more