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The wattled crane is a magnificent bird. At over 172 cm, with its trailing plumage and two-metre wingspan, it is an impressive sight, both in the air and striding through its wetlands habitat. In Africa, cranes are more than iconic birds, their mere presence is a barometer for the overall health of the environment. As… Read more

Runa Khan’s long-held dream of a museum to preserve Bangladesh’s ancient boat-building skills for future generations will soon be realized. “We have just signed a contract with Bengal Foundation, the largest and most renowned cultural foundation in Bangladesh, which will, in particular, give the land for the museum,” says Khan – founder and executive director… Read more

For the past four years, the month of January has, for U.S. explorer and climate-change campaigner Lonnie Dupre, presented one of mountaineering’s toughest challenges – an annual attempt to reach the summit of North America’s highest peak at the worst possible time of the year. At 5.00 pm local time on 11 January 2015, 53… Read more

David Schweidenback

Pedals for Progress Commercial

April 28, 2015

P4P Commercial FINAL from Greg Sucharew on Vimeo. Read more

Indian conservationist and Rolex Laureate Shekar Dattatri, known for his award-winning films about his country’s animal life, is focusing his next film on the many thousands of Indians living in protected forests, the challenges they face and the degradation of natural habitats that they inadvertently cause. The 20-minute film is in post-production and will be… Read more